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Key Visa Thailand

Key Visa Company feels that due to our special service offered to clients and our reputation that we have grown in strength to shine through what can be a precarious industry. We at Key Visa Company have been helping clients from all corners of Thailand for over 15 years, especially helping foreigners to stay in Thailand and obtaining visas for Thai Nationals to travel overseas – mainly to the UK, Australia and Ireland – for either tourism purposes or permanent migration. We continue to succeed were many have failed due to our absolute honesty and our policy of payment upon completion.

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How much does a visa cost?

You must pay a fee, usually in local currency. At Key visa we advise you of the application fee and include this in a package with no hidden extras and we pay the fees. You only pay a deposit and the balance becomes due once the visas is approved.

How long will my visa be valid?

A visitor’s visa is between valid for between 1 and 6 months, but visa validation lengths vary. We can advise you on the correct visa to apply for and the corresponding duration of validity after your initial consultation.

How do I sponsor an application?

Becoming a sponsor for a Thai national is achieved by submitting additional paperwork with your partner’s documents including financial, accommodation and relationship status.

How long does an application take to process?

If we are applying for a visitor visa then from receipt of documents to visa awarded, it takes approximately 2 weeks. If the applicant needs an interview at the embassy it is approximately 3 weeks before completion. If we are applying for a settlement visa then from receipt of documents to visa awarded, it takes approximately 8 weeks. If the applicant needs an interview at the embassy it can take up to approximately 12 weeks before completion.

What supporting documents are needed?

Everyone’s circumstances are different and no application is the same. Our responsibility to the client is to advise what correct documents are needed and to make sure that the presentation of the application meets a high standard, guaranteeing that the visa will be issued.

Can having worked in a bar be detrimental to my girlfriend's application?

The embassies do work with an open mind and her previous or current employment is only a small part of the application. Key visa’s job is to portray the full application.

How Do I Save Skype Messages & Record Skype Calls?

As technology is improving, moire and more people are using the internet from all walks of life and ages. A popular choice of communication is Skype which we find most of our clients use to contact their Thai girlfriends from the UK, Australia or Ireland. But as we have seen, Skype is not easy to obtain records from so you can chat for hours and after months of great service, have no records to show. This does not help when applying for a visa.

Please be aware that continuing using Skype is great but most people are not aware you can download a conversation log from Skype which is free. This logs all calls and chat in a printable form and allows you to keep all records.

I am constantly being told in my office “We use Skype but we cannot get records”, now you have no excuse. Look up Skype Log View and download it. It allows you to keep all your records which is great because with all visa applications, the more contact information we have, the more chance we have of getting you a visa.

Make sure before you download anything free you have virus checked it first.

How Do I Record App Chats With My Girlfriend?

Chat history is important for visas to UK, Australia, when you are applying for a visa to the UK or Australia then recording your chat history is one of the most important things you will ever do to get a visa accepted.

The reason is that most visas are given on the merits of the relationship so both the UK and Australian Embassies want to see that you have been keeping in touch during your times apart from each other showing an ongoing relationship whilst the foreigner partner is overseas and the great thing is it is FREE!!

Technology has overtaken the need to pay British Telecom and Telestra 1.50 Pounds or Dollars per minute as most ways to keep in contact are FREE but keeping the records is more important so as technology moves forward so your mind set should do also.

Keeping in touch with your Thai girlfriend or Thai partner should be recorded and backed up in case you have a need to obtain a visa in the future or even now as the relationship to the Embassy official is more important than most of the extra documents you will supply.

Free chat users like LINE, Whatsapp & Messenger are the most common and can be tracked using the correct software and making sure you do not lose any records, most of my clients use one of the above but do not realize that you can get records of these for free so I have given you below the link to the various companies to obtain your records.



Facebook Messenger

Facebook don’t give you an easy option like the others, but this is the best way that I have found:

1. Go to If you are logged in to Fb then this will open the mobile version of the messaging app on your PC.

2. Click on the conversation you wish to save. This will open the conversation in its own window.

3. Click on “See Older Messages” near the top of the screen. Here’s the worst part, especially for those who have years of one conversation with many thousands of individual msgs. Keep clicking on “See Older Messages” until you reach the point in the conversation where you want to start. If that is the first post in the conversation, you can spend several minutes clicking.

4. Hit CTRL/P on your keyboard. This will bring up the print dialog box.

5. Print your messages

So now there is no reason not to be able to supply reams and reams of useful text records.

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